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Use of packaging tapes in unusual industries


Packaging tapes are commonly associated with the logistics, e-commerce or manufacturing industries, where they play a key role in securing shipments and packages. However, their use extends far beyond the standard areas, finding a place in many unusual industries. In this article, we'll take a look at how packaging tapes are used in less obvious sectors and what benefits they bring.

1. art and art conservation

In the art industry packaging tapes Are used in the protection and conservation of works of art. Specialized tapes with low adhesive levels are used to temporarily fix paper, photographs or canvases without leaving marks or damaging delicate surfaces.

2. scenery and decorations

In theater, cinema or large-scale events, packing tapes are invaluable for set construction. Thanks to their durability and ease of use, they allow you to quickly and efficiently assemble decorative elements, as well as protect cables and other technical components.

3. medicine and health care

In the medical sector, packaging tapes are used for packaging and securing medical equipment. Special antimicrobial and easily removable tapes are used for securing sterile packaging and fixing small medical equipment.

4 Automotive and tuning

In the automotive industry, packing tapes are used to temporarily fix body parts during transport, as well as in the process of vehicle tuning. Thanks to their high adhesion and weather resistance, these tapes are ideal for protecting parts before painting or polishing.

5. sports and recreation

In sports, packing tapes are used for securing sports equipment, such as field hockey sticks, tennis rackets and snowboards. They are also used to temporarily repair equipment and mark routes in off-road sports.


The use of packaging tapes in unusual industries demonstrates their versatility and adaptability to a variety of needs. From art to medicine, from stage design to automotive, packing tapes are an invaluable tool that helps in the daily work of many professionals. Despite the fact that tapes are most often associated with sending packages, it turns out that they work well in many industries.

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