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Packing garments for shipment

Clothing is one of the most frequently shipped goods. Crumpled, carelessly packed or damaged clothes discourage the customer from further shopping in your store. To avoid this, we must take care of the proper packaging of clothes.

How to prepare clothes for shipping?

First of all, we need to prepare the clothes well. They should be carefully folded, flat, so that they do not crumple during transport. Once the clothes are properly folded and smoothed out, it's a good idea to protect them with an extra layer of protection, such as bubble wrap. Each additional layer helps to negate the risk of damage to the goods during transport. The size of the packaging is also very important. The less free space in the package, the better. However, the packaging must not be too small, things are then squeezed by force and reach the customer terribly crumpled, so skillful packaging of clothing is important here.

What is the best way to pack clothing for shipping? 

The best solutions are foil packs Or cardboard boxes, preferably cut. Cartons are suitable when the ordered garment takes up a lot of space (such as a winter jacket) or when we are dealing with a large order, there are many products in the package.

Will cardboard be a good solution?

If we pack clothes in a cardboard box, then it is worth using cardboard fillers, so that the clothes will not move in the box and will reach the customer uncrumpled and intact.The cardboard box should be secured with a good adhesive tape, it must be a high-quality product that will guarantee that the shipment will reach the customer intact. It should be remembered that the shipment is often reloaded, during transport it passes from hand to hand, so tape should be used to protect all the edges of the carton.

What to replace the cardboard packaging with?

However, the most common way to pack clothes is in foil packs. Packing clothes in foil packs does not require additional protection, thanks to the adhesive strip placed on each foil pack. In this case, packing is very efficient and fast, and clothing is perfectly protected thanks to LDPE film, which is very durable and resistant to damage. In addition, the foil-pack perfectly protects the clothes from moisture, so even if we pack the clothes in a cardboard box, it is worthwhile to additionally protect it with a foil-pack, or possibly wrap the clothes with foil before packing them in a cardboard box. Then we have a guarantee that nothing will happen to our shipment, it will not get damp or dirty. A very big advantage of foil packs is their relatively low price and packing efficiency. If you care about the environment, you can opt for eco-friendly foil packs, i.e. biodegradable or made of vegetable starch.

Although clothing is not one of the delicate and easily damaged items, this is also where warning labels indicating that the package should not be opened with sharp tools can come in handy.

Both on the carton and on the foil package we can put individual company imprint. Such a shipment looks much more attractive, and our brand becomes fixed in the customer's mind. Especially if you work in the fashion industry, you must know how important the customer's first impression is. Your shipment must look attractive, preferably if it stands out among others with individual graphics.

At the end, stick the shipping note. The label should be glued in a conspicuous place, fixed flat, do not stick it on the box closure.

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