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How to pack a package for shipping? A guide for companies.

How to efficiently and quickly pack sold goods into parcels before shipping?

This question becomes crucial when we open an online store. The most important thing in this case is that the shipment, which is sent through a courier service, reaches the recipient intact. Producing printed packing tapes, we make sure that the shipments we send always arrive on time and in perfect condition. Printed packaging tapes are not only a practical security tool, but also an effective form of brand promotion. Parcels, also known as parcels, travel various distances, sometimes staying within a single province and other times traveling to the other side of the world. Correct packaging of sold goods and the use of proven packaging accessories, such as special fillers, guarantees effective protection of the contents of the shipment and minimizes the risk of damage during transport through the complex logistics network of the selected carrier. This is worth keeping in mind if you are concerned about getting your package safely to its destination.

How to properly package shipments?

Before packing a parcel, there are several things to consider, especially the distance the package is expected to travel and the nature or delicacy of its contents. It is worth taking special care when packing packages sent abroad. Before sending a courier parcel, check the regulations on packaging and the scope of goods excluded from carriage. When sending a courier parcel, it is our duty to properly pack and effectively secure its contents.

There is no single way to pack shipments, due to the variety of contents. It depends on whether the packed shipment contains something delicate and fragile, or perhaps documents. Here are some tips for packing shipments depending on their contents.

Correctly packing a shipment is a simple task, provided a few rules are followed. First, we assess the weight of the shipment we will be sending and choose the right type of packaging. Proper and sturdy packaging is crucial for the shipment to arrive intact at its destination. Another aspect to consider is the shape and size of the packed shipment.

What is the best way to package the product?

There are many ways to pack shipments. We can choose a cut box, using good quality and durable cardboard. An interesting option is a printed box, which not only gives an aesthetic look to the shipment, but also promotes the brand. In addition to solid packaging, it is also a cheap but effective advertising tool.

If the contents of the shipment are easily damaged, you can further protect the shipment by using special packaging accessories such as fillers, such as air pillows, bubble wrap or wood bark filler. The cardboard box in which we pack the shipment is of great importance. We choose a good-quality cardboard box, suitable for the size and weight of the products. We fill the empty spaces with suitable fillers, such as bubble wrap, so that the item remains stationary. Properly selected parcel packaging accessories protect the goods from damage.

Remember that the parcel should not come into direct contact with the walls of the box, which can lead to damage to the carton. Seal the parcel carefully, using a good quality tape with individual printing. The use of courier envelopes, so called. foilpacks, is another option for packaging small products. It is an economical and effective method, often used in online stores. Foliopak with bubble wrap filling provides additional protection for the shipment. In addition, placing on foil pack printing is an effective and inexpensive form of advertising, gaining great importance in the e-commerce industry. The packaged shipment should be carefully and correctly described, and a printed bill of lading should be placed on it, firmly attached. Warning labels can also be used for fragile shipment contents.

Let's not forget that the appearance of the package is of vital importance. The customer already evaluates the brand when opening the package. Neat and careful packaging of the parcel makes a positive impression on the customer. Packaging with individual printing is an effective and discreet form of advertising. A solidly packaged shipment with your individual imprint is your image in the eyes of the customer.

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