How to prepare a package for shipment

Proper preparation of the shipment is a guarantee that the goods will be delivered to the recipient intact, and thus eliminates potential losses and affects customer satisfaction.

How to Pack a Shipment Professionally?

Proper shipment preparation is essential for safe delivery of goods. Properly securing your shipment minimizes the risk of damage and increases customer satisfaction. Here are some key tips:

Box Selection

Choosing the right box is the first step to packing goods safely. The box must be made of strong cardboard and properly adjusted to the size of the goods to be shipped. Learn how to choose the perfect box.

Application of Fillers

Use fillers such as bubble wrap, air cushions or crumpled paper to prevent the goods from moving inside the box. Fillers provide additional protection against shocks. Check out our filler solutions.

Foil packs for Smaller Items

Foil packs are ideal for packing documents, books or clothes. They protect against moisture and dirt, and are easy to use. View our range of foil packs.

Protection of Fragile Objects

Use bubble wrap to pack fragile items such as glass. This film protects against shocks and impacts. Purchase bubble wrap here.

Application of self-adhesive tapes

Closing the box with strong adhesive tape is key. The tape should be wide and strong to ensure the safety of the shipment. Discover our range of adhesive tapes.

Warning Labels

Warning labels, such as "caution glass," are important when shipping fragile items. They inform the carrier to handle the package with care. Order warning labels.

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