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Paper tapes

with logo printing is a great solution used by e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to emphasize their commitment to the environment. We make the best quality printed paper tapes with high strength and adhesive strength.

Our paper tapes

are suitable for securing shipments, plus they take care of our natural environment. Our printed paper tape, is an ideal and environmentally friendly way to pack shipments. Printed paper tape is a very interesting solution that greatly improves the image of the company and will present it as pro-ECO.

When preparing prints for you

on tapes in the form of company logos, advertising claims or warning signs on printed paper tapes, we transform our kraft tape into a real advertising medium with significant reach - adding added value in the form of good advertising and the certainty that the customer will remember the corporate identity or logo of our company. This way of promotion will work perfectly for any company.

Paper tapes of type (KRAFT)

Are equipped with an adhesive layer, which is based on a natural adhesive (SOLVENT adhesive). The kraft tapes are free of hazardous and environmentally harmful ingredients. The eco-friendly printed paper tape is made of environmentally friendly raw materials and comes in two color versions: white and brown.

Paper adhesive tapes are versatile products that are used in both business and household applications. Printing on adhesive tapes can be used to label a package or inform about sensitive contents. Packaging tapes are manufactured on various substrates using a variety of adhesive carriers. High-quality self-printed tape is a guarantee of safe transportation of packages. Its properties ensure that the shipment will not unseal and will reach the recipient intact. Self-printed tapes are extremely durable products. Strong adhesive and high bonding strength with the substrate make the tape does not peel off, and the contents of the package are properly protected. Resistance of packing tapes to weather conditions and mechanical damage gives the sender of the package the confidence that it will not be opened during transportation or storage.

The aesthetics of a package in the e-commerce industry are of great importance. Self-printed paper adhesive tapes are indispensable equipment for companies that sell by mail order. They are an excellent carrier of content, while also becoming a marketing tool. Wrapping a cardboard box with self-printed tape helps increase the reach of the brand and reach more customers with the message. Securing a shipment with custom-printed packing tape reflects the company's professional approach to protecting the products being shipped, and thus to the recipient of the shipment. However, that's not all. Custom-printed paper adhesive tapes make it easier to secure a shipment and its contents for the duration of transportation, as well as during storage. However, their function is not limited to protecting the contents of the parcel. Storage of goods often requires quick identification of the package. Self-printed tapes make it easier to find a specific package or goods, which significantly affects the ergonomics of work.

Self-printed paper adhesive tape allows you to personalize your shipment, and as a result, standard cardboard packaging takes on a unique, individual character. Company logos, advertising slogans and other messages relevant to the recipient can be printed on paper adhesive tapes. Printing can thus play a huge role in building brand awareness. This is extremely important, since doing business nowadays involves taking care of the brand image. This makes it possible to gain the trust of customers, and this will generate additional profits. The use of such promotional materials not only allows the company to exist, but also to gain the trust of the recipients. Such a secure package makes the brand name remain in the customer's memory. Printed paper adhesive tapes are an effective, yet simple way to present the company's corporate identity to the recipients.

Kraft paper, which is recycled, is used in the production of paper adhesive tape and, importantly, the tape itself is also biodegradable. The binder of tapes of this type is natural rubber, so the tape binds well to the substrate. In addition, paper adhesive tapes show high strength - they are resistant to low temperatures (they retain their properties from -20℃ to 60℃) and can be used in contact with food products. Importantly, we can write on the paper adhesive tape, for example, with markers or a pen. This makes them ideal for use in a warehouse environment, where there is a need to add information on the packaging as we work. In addition, the advantage of adhesive paper tapes is that they can be torn off by hand, which improves the packing and unpacking of cartons and other containers.