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Printed Solvent PP Tapes - Strong and Durable | Protape

In the world of e-commerce and logistics, where security and durability of packaging are key, tapes from Protape provide a reliable solution. Known for their strength and long-lasting adhesive, our tapes are ideal for securing heavy shipments, providing peace of mind for shippers and receivers alike.

Printed Packaging Tapes - A Reliable and Effective Solution for Your Business

In today's day and age, where competition in the e-commerce market is fierce, it's important to differentiate your brand and provide customers with secure deliveries. Printed packaging tapes from Protape are an ideal solution that combines functionality with marketing. With the ability to put your company logo, advertising slogan or other graphic elements on the tape, each shipment becomes a carrier of your brand.

Advantages of Solvent PP Tapes:

Solvent PP tapes feature exceptional tensile strength and resistance to changing weather conditions. Thanks to the advanced solvent adhesive, these tapes provide strong and durable adhesion to a variety of surfaces, from cardboard to plastic. They are an ideal choice for heavy-weight shipments where the risk of damage during transit is significant.

Personalization and Imprinting:

At Protape, we understand the importance of brand identification. That's why we offer the possibility to personalize Solvent PP tapes by printing. Placing a company logo, advertising slogan or contact information on the tape not only increases brand recognition, but also provides an additional element of protection, preventing unauthorized opening of the shipment.


Solvent PP tapes are versatile and can be used in a variety of industries - from e-commerce to heavy industry. They are ideal for securing goods on pallets, shipping, air transport and in warehouse conditions where extra strength and protection is required.

Why choose our tapes?

By choosing Solvent PP tapes from Protape, you are investing in the safety and professionalism of your business. We provide the highest quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Contact us to learn more about our tapes and personalization options.