Regulations of PROTAPE online store

Effective as of 1.06.2023

The following terms and conditions of the online store define the rules for purchases and returns on a contractual basis between Customer and company (hereinafter referred to as Vendors).

§ 1

General rules of using online store

  1. Each customer interested in using the Seller's offer is obliged to read and accept these Regulations of the PROTAPE online store. 
  2. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions is a voluntary process, but mandatory in order to place an order. 
  3. The seller makes every effort to ensure that the descriptions of individual products correspond to reality. Detailed information on PROTAPE brand products can be provided additionally upon request.
  4. The information and photos presented in the product offers of the online store are for reference only and do not constitute a formal conclusion of the contract, but only an invitation to conclude a contract (under Article 71 of the Civil Code).
  5. The Seller undertakes to provide services in a manner consistent with Polish law and with the highest standards of quality. 

§ 2

Entering into a service contract

  1. The condition for the conclusion of the contract between the Customer and the Seller is the placement of an order by the Customer.
  2. To place an order, it is necessary to create a profile (Account) of the Customer. When completing the data for the Customer Account, it is necessary to provide true personal/company information and confirm it with the registration through the e-mail address provided in the form. The creation of an Account, as well as its subsequent maintenance in the Customer database, is free of charge.
  3. The customer has access to the data provided at registration, as well as the full possibility of modifying them in order for the Seller to properly perform the service (this primarily applies to updating personal data). 
  4. Placing an order requires accepting the Terms and Conditions of the online store and following its guidelines.

§ 3

Rules of placing orders in the online store

  1. The customer completes the order himself after logging in to his own registered according to par. 2 Customer Account.
  2. The customer selects the product or products he is interested in from the offer and adds them to the Cart one by one by selecting the appropriate purchase options. For each product, the Seller provides various additional options, including the ability to choose the number of pieces of the product in a given order.
  3. The customer making an order for the manufacture of self-adhesive tape with printing is required to include a graphic with logo/text/other information to be placed on the surface of the tape. If ordering several separate variants of tape, graphics must be attached separately to each type of product. 
  4. By attaching the graphic to the placed order, the Customer confirms that he/she owns the property rights to it. The content of the graphic must not violate the provisions of the Polish law.
  5. Placing the selected product in the Customer's Cart is done by selecting "Add to Cart".
  6. The customer has a constant view of his Shopping Cart and the ability to modify individual elements of the order - until he accepts its contents and proceeds to payment for the order. 
  7. Before placing an order, the Customer undertakes to check the contents of the Cart and the correctness of the selected additional options and the attached graphics. Once the transaction is closed, applying any changes to the order will be impossible.
  8. After completing the contents of the shopping cart and checking the correctness against the products saved in it, it is necessary to confirm the purchase - by selecting the "Order and pay" option. The customer will be transferred to the form of payment and selection of shipping method. 
  9. After the customer selects the selected payment method, it is possible to be redirected to an external payment service system appropriate to the provider (bank transfer, BLIK and similar).
  10. A properly placed order and payment is confirmed by an automatic e-mail message sent by the Seller to the Customer's e-mail address provided during Account registration.

§ 4

Conclusion of sales contract

  1. The conclusion of the contract of sale occurs when the Seller sends to the Customer a confirmation of acceptance of the order.
  2. By entering into a contract of sale, the Seller undertakes to deliver to the Customer the products indicated in the order, within the time specified next to the selected product offering. The Client is informed about the subsequent stages of the order's fulfillment through e-mails and/or relevant messages registered in the Client's Account belonging to him.
  3. Due to the need to personalize products ordered by the customer (personalization is carried out by applying an individual imprint on the surface of the tape), ordered products are not returnable.
  4. The seller is not responsible for the customer's failure to pick up the shipment - failure to pick up the shipment does not mean that the payment for the order can be refunded.

§ 5

Total cost of the order

  1. The applicable price for the product is listed next to each product in the formula multiplied by the number of pieces (the minimum order is 36 pieces of packaging tape). 
  2. After adding products to the shopping cart and selecting a method of payment, the customer receives a preview of the total cost of the order.
  3. All prices listed on the online store website include VAT charges and are given in Polish zloty.
  4. Any fees for options additional to the order are included in the summary in the Customer's shopping cart.

§ 6

Rules for making payment for the order and delivery costs

  1. The seller provides the customer with the option of using various payment methods:
  • fast online transfer (using an external payment system, to which the customer will be redirected after placing the order),
  • BLIK payment,
  • payment by debit/credit card,
  • payment on delivery.
  1. The seller reserves the right to limit the choice of payment methods in the case of orders of large value or in the case of any kind of technical problems concerning the chosen method of payment.
  2. The cost of delivery is free - 0zl.

§ 7

Lead time and delivery

  1. Lead time depends on the size of the order. As a standard, the Seller reserves the right to use at least 12 working days for the execution of ordered prints on PROTAPE packaging tapes. The Customer is informed about the necessity of extending this time or shortening it by e-mails, sent to the address provided during registration.
  2. The delivery time, from the moment the Seller hands over the complete order to the delivery agent depends on the individual regulations of the agent. Most often this period is from 1 to 3 working days. 
  3. The customer is obliged to pick up the order immediately. In case of refusal to pick up, the Seller does not accept returns or complaints - no refunds are given for the order.
  4. The Seller attaches a VAT invoice to the shipment of ordered products. The document is also sent in electronic form to the address indicated during registration. 

§ 8

Statutory right to withdraw from the Sales Contract

  1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement within 14 days of receiving the product.
  2. This rule does not apply to products personalized by individual printing - products of this kind are not returnable.
  3. The possibility to withdraw from the Sales Agreement is possible only for products ordered without additional options (in the form of personalization with printing or other modifications).

§ 9

Warranty for defects - terms and conditions of the warranty

  1. In the event of a product defect due to the fault of the Seller, he shall be responsible for the correct preparation of a new order at his own expense or shall be obliged to reimburse the customer for the costs incurred by him with the order.
  2. The warranty applies only to products whose defectiveness is due to the Seller's failure to comply with the terms of the sales contract. Thus, the warranty does not cover defects related to an incorrectly sent graphic for printing by the Customer. The warranty also does not cover other defects resulting from incorrect ordering on the part of the Customer (selection of the wrong tape variant, etc.).

§ 10

Conditions for the protection of personal data

  1. The Seller remains the Administrator of personal data, the storage and processing of which is necessary for the proper execution of the Customer's order.
  2. The customer has the right to inspect, modify and request the complete removal of his personal data from the Seller's administrative resources.

§ 11

Final provisions

  1. Regulations of PROTAPE online store come into force on the date of publication on the website, that is, 1.06.2023
  2. The issues stated in the Regulations are governed by the applicable Polish laws.
  3. The customer can access the current Terms and Conditions of the online store at any time.
  4. The settlement of amicably unresolved disputes between the Customer and the Seller shall be decided by the common courts.

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