How to send a package quickly and safely

If we want to send a package quickly and safely, we usually opt for a courier service. Both companies and individuals are already giving up traditional postal services and choosing to work with a selected courier company. There are a lot of such companies on the market with a very wide range of offers, without any problem we will send a parcel in them not only domestic, but also foreign.

Sending courier shipments is a very convenient way to send packages, we can do it without even leaving home by ordering a courier online.

In addition to convenience, this way of sending packages is fast and secure.

How to send quickly and safely?

After selecting the courier company we want to use, we need to go to the carrier's website and fill out the appropriate form. The most important thing is to specify the dimensions of the package and its weight, we specify the type of shipment whether it is a parcel, envelope or perhaps a pallet. Then we enter the recipient and sender's data, along with e-mail address and telephone number). Describe the contents of the parcel (e.g. electronics, documents We can also specify the amount of possible insurance. 

The shipment itself is done by ordering a courier to your home or delivering the package in person to a courier point. After paying for the shipment, we receive a label, which we stick on the package. Payment is usually made by quick online transfers, we can also make a traditional transfer, but it books at least 1 business day, so it is a good solution only if we are not in a hurry. 

How should the package we send be packed?

The parcel that we send should be properly packed and very well protected, so that no damage occurs during transport. It is important to remember that the parcel will pass through many logistical points during transportation, so it is important to secure it properly. If you do not secure the package solidly, the carrier will be able to refuse to pay compensation if the package is damaged.

Most often all kinds of cardboard boxes are used for packing, choose those made of thick cardboard with a cuboid shape. Items that we put in a cardboard box should also be protected. The more delicate and susceptible to damage the contents of the shipment, the more importance we must attach to properly securing the items. The best way to do this is by wrapping each item individually in bubble wrap or paper. We must also take care to immobilize the items in the carton, it is important that the items do not move around the box during transport and do not bump against each other, as this can cause damage. We will protect against this by using appropriate fillers: these can be air cushions, bubble wrap, or even crumpled paper, they can simply be old newspapers. The cardboard box should be carefully sealed with a wide, strong packing tape, seal all the edges and joints of the cardboard with it.

Another solution is to use a courier envelope. courier envelopes are either paper or plastic packaging (folipaks). They are suitable for sending damage-resistant items, such as clothes, books, and are also ideal when it comes to sending documents. Courier envelopes come with a glue strip, so all you need to do is close the package this way.

Finally, glue the label received from the courier in a visible place. If you glue it on the carton, you should avoid gluing it on the joint of the carton. Proper packing of the package will protect it not only from damage, but also avoid additional costs that the courier may charge for a non-standard shipment. All such packaging can be found in the offer of recognized manufacturers, such as emGRAF.

Opting for courier shipping, we have the ability to track the package, we can check at any time what stage the delivery is at.

Delivery time is usually 1-2 business days. It depends on the service you choose and the carrier you opt for.

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