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Printed foil packs- how useful they are for brand promotion

Foil packs with individual printing are the most convenient, economical packaging with a very wide range of applications. They are used primarily for packing products for shipment, as well as documents as courier envelopes. Foliopak with a logo works great in the e-commerce industry, in the case of running an online store they are even an indispensable article, it is the simplest, fastest way of packaging, and at the same time a tool of great marketing importance.

Printed foil packs

One of the advantages of printed courier foil packs is their high durability, they are great protection for the products being shipped. They are perfect for packaging shipments and can also be used to store documents. Printed courier foil packs ensure safe shipment of various types of goods, guaranteeing the safety of packed items and discretion. Even money or important documents can be sent in them, as the foil pack is waterproof, so even such a shipment will be completely safe here.

Printed foil packets are made of thick opaque film, protecting the shipment also from the sight of unauthorized people. They are made of foil that is white on one side and black on the other. You can put any imprint on them can be your logo, contact information, advertising slogan. 

Foil packs in the online store

Printed foil packs have a wide range of applications. They are used primarily for packaging products in online stores. No online store owner can imagine the business without the use of foil packs. In addition to their practical use, consisting in fast, easy and safe packaging, they are also very important as an advertising medium, discreet but very effective, and at the same time inexpensive. A shipment packed in a printed foil package looks aesthetically pleasing and professional, which always creates a positive impression on the customer. Your company's image perpetuates in the eyes of the customer, the print you put on the foil packs becomes memorable for the customer. A foil pack with your individual imprint is an advertising tool that cannot be overestimated.

Printed foil packs, thanks to their good protection, make excellent packaging in which to send important documents. It is also an ideal product for packing and shipping various products, regardless of their size. The closure of the printed foil pack is constructed in such a way that it makes it impossible to open it without using scissors, so their use guarantees the safety of the shipment. They protect shipped products from damage, flooding, etc. The film, 50 microns thick, does not tear or get damaged. A shipment packed in a foil pack with printing is not damaged, the foil pack itself, which is made of a thick, damage-resistant bag, which means that the shipment arrives not only undamaged, but still aesthetically packaged, which is always positively received by customers. Printed foil bags are usually treated as a separate package, but printed foil bags are also used as additional packaging to cardboard boxes in order to protect the package from damage, such as from moisture, and thanks to the print, the aesthetics of the package are increased. In addition, your imprint on the foil pack strengthens the image of your company in the eyes of the customer and very positively perpetuates the image of your company.

Each printed foil package comes with two adhesive strips. One is used to close the shipped package, the other is for the customer in case of a possible return. In this way, the foil pack can be used more than once, which is of considerable importance for those who care about ecology.

Economical solution

Printed foil packs are made of extremely durable LDPE foil, which perfectly protects the packed goods, Thanks to the fact that the foil on the inside is black, the foil pack is completely opaque, which protects its contents from unauthorized sight. Printed foil pack ensures complete discretion of the shipment. It is an easy-to-use product, avoids tedious packing and wrapping of cartons, very economical, thanks to the imprint it raises the recognition of the company. Manufacturer of printed foil packs provides a large selection of sizes , as well as a wide range of colors when it comes to printing. Printed foil packs are also an economical option when it comes to packing shipments, while ensuring the safety of the shipment.

Personalized printing increases the prestige and recognition of the company. If you are in the e-commerce business, a printed foil pack is a product without which you do not exist. We can put any imprint on the foil pack, Usually it's your company logo, often contact information, especially your website address. We can also add some advertising slogan, text that will catch the customer's eye and make your company memorable. No one probably needs to be convinced how important marketing is in the e-commerce industry, and a printed foil pack is an ideal straightforward marketing tool with great impact. It is a form of advertising that is not intrusive and at the same time very inexpensive.

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