Packaging tapes - where to buy?

Packaging Tapes: an Essential Element in E-commerce and Advertising

If you run a retail business, such as an online store, you certainly prepare a lot of packages for shipment every day. When you pack them, you know how important an element of a properly packed shipment is packaging tapes. It is thanks to them that the shipment will be effectively secured.

However, for packaging tape to do its job, it must be of very good quality. Ordinary office tape will not pass the test. The packing tapes you use should be wide and have a strong adhesive, preferably rubber or good quality acrylic. Depending on the weight of the shipment and the type of packaging (cardboard box, foil pack) you need to choose the right adhesive. This will ensure excellent security of the shipment, because the tape will perfectly adhere to the substrate, will not peel off, thus we have a guarantee that our shipment will reach the recipient intact.

Printing on Packaging Tapes

Having already decided on excellent quality packing tapes, you must remember that at the same time you can use them as a sensational marketing tool. The way to use packaging tapes in this way is very simple: you need to put an imprint on them. The imprint on the tape can be anything you want, it can be your logo, contact information or advertising slogan. All this attracts the attention of the customer and fixes your brand in his memory. The customer, receiving a package secured by tape with your custom imprint, perceives your company as very professional, with attention to detail. Your company thus becomes more recognizable, and the chances that the customer will return to you increase significantly. In addition, if you are shipping fragile goods, easily damaged, you can put warning inscriptions like "caution glass" or "do not throw" on the tape. This will further secure your shipment.

Where to Look for Packaging Tapes?

When deciding to purchase packaging tapes, it is worth turning to a proven manufacturer, which will guarantee us not only excellent quality of the tape itself, but also comprehensive service during the implementation of the order. A reputable manufacturer of packaging tapes, such as PROTAPE will provide you first of all with a high-quality product, but also with expert advice. First of all, it will help you choose the right tape for your needs, depending on how heavy your parcels are and to what substrate the tape will be stuck, it will propose a suitable tape on hotmelt (synthetic rubber) or solvent (natural rubber) adhesive, or a tape with acrylic adhesive, also in the silent-retractable variant, which will significantly improve the comfort of work on packaging. The reputable manufacturer also offers eco-friendly products, such as paper tapes. When ordering tapes from the company PROTAPE You can also count on a professional tape design made by the best graphic designers completely free of charge. All you need to do is to send your logo, or the text you would like to put on the tape, and you will receive an attractive design that is sure to attract the customer's attention, make a favorable first impression and fix the image of your brand in the customer's memory.

When you choose packaging tapes from a reputable manufacturer such as PROTAPE, you get an excellent quality product, perfectly tailored to your needs, full graphic support and a guarantee of fast and efficient delivery. Your shipment is superbly protected, and at the same time you gain a sensational advertising tool.

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