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Weather resistance: which packaging tapes will perform well in extreme conditions?

Weather resistance: which packaging tapes will perform well in extreme conditions?

In the face of extreme weather conditions, from cold winters to hot summers, choosing the right packaging tape becomes crucial to ensure the safety and durability of packaged goods. Packaging tapes must exhibit not only high adhesion, but also resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.

Solvent packaging tapes

Solvent tapes are known for their exceptional resistance to temperature changes. The solvent adhesive, based on natural rubber, ensures strong and permanent adhesion even at low temperatures. They are an ideal choice for shipments stored or transported in cold conditions.

Hotmelt packaging tapes

Hotmelt tapes, thanks to their synthetic adhesive, offer excellent adhesion over a wide temperature range. They are more heat-resistant than solvent tapes, making them a good choice for shipments exposed to high temperatures.

Acrylic packaging tapes

Acrylic tapes, while less resistant to extreme conditions than solvent and hotmelt, offer good stability and adhesion at moderate temperatures. They are an economical choice for shipments stored in stable climatic conditions.

Paper packaging tapes

Paper tapes, often chosen for their eco-friendly properties, can also be used in extreme conditions, especially when reinforced with extra layers and special adhesives. They are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.


Choosing the right packing tape depends on many factors, including the conditions under which the shipment will be stored and transported. The right tape will not only ensure the safety of the goods, but also help maintain a positive corporate image through professional and durable packaging.

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