how to send a phone safely

How to ship a phone safely - packing and security.

It's a good idea to start with the packing accessories we need, and these will include stretch film, a box, bubble wrap and adhesive tape.

How to send a phone safely?

To ship a phone safely, we must take great care in securing the shipment. Keep in mind that the phone should be protected from crushing, scratching, as well as from any shocks and, above all, from moisture. Therefore, it is advisable to wrap the phone tightly with foil. Each element of the shipment should be separately wrapped in foil and immobilized in the box. For this purpose, appropriate fillers will be useful, for example, air cushions bubble wrap, or Styrofoam. This will prevent the individual elements from bumping against each other and rubbing against the walls of the carton, which could lead to damage.

Original box the best protection

The phone is best packed in the original box. It is best suited to the particular model of the phone. With the original packaging, we are guaranteed that the phone is properly placed and immobilized. However, the original box alone will not be enough protection for the time of transportation, it should be secured additionally. We can additionally wrap the package with the phone in bubble wrap and seal it with adhesive tape, this will protect the phone from moisture.

Now you need to prepare a slightly larger box, in the case of a phone, for example, it can be a cut box. The size of the box is very important in this case. It must not be too small, the equipment must not come into contact with it, too tight a cardboard box can be damaged, which will damage the equipment. The box must also not be too large, so that the phone does not move in it during transport. It is good to fill it with a suitable cushioning material, it can be bubble wrap, polyethylene foam, air cushions, or even crumpled paper.Into such a prepared cardboard box we put the original box with the phone and cover it with another layer of fillers. The phone should be thoroughly surrounded by them, not touching the walls of the cardboard box, or possibly other elements of the shipment. In the case of electronics, small fillers such as chips of various kinds should be avoided, as they can get inside the equipment or scratch its delicate casing.

What instead of the original packaging?

If you do not have the original box, the best solution for protecting this type of equipment will be the classic bubble wrap. You can also successfully use here bubble bags. The screen itself will be perfectly protected by polyethylene foam. Protected by bubble wrap, the equipment should be additionally covered with adhesive tape.

The box must be carefully sealed adhesive tape. Seal all sides of the carton should be sealed. We need to make sure that the shipment will not open during transport. In addition, you can wrap the box with stretch film, this will provide additional protection, for example, from moisture or dust.

Stick the waybill in a conspicuous place. It is also a good idea to stick a special label informing about the fragile contents of the package.

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