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Paper tape -Ecological packaging of packages

Nowadays, more and more people and companies are going green. This also applies to the packaging of shipments. We want our shipment to be as ecological as possible, thus building a positive corporate image.

How do you package a shipment ecologically? 

Eco-friendly packaging is packaging made of natural materials, in 100% biodegradable or recycled materials. In addition to the packaging itself, some filler will certainly be useful, it too should be ecological. You will also need an adhesive tape, of course, an ecological one, that is, paper tape. On such ecological tape You can put your imprint, which is of great marketing importance. Paper tape is very durable, not much susceptible to spontaneous tearing, besides, it gives the shipment a very elegant character, evokes positive feelings in the customer, the customer perceives your company as very professional

For eco-style packaging, thick cardboard boxes are best suited. Such a cardboard box is a versatile packaging, it will work well for both heavy and very delicate items. For such packaging we can also use thick wrapping paper, bamboo packaging or bio foil, a very popular alternative to classic foil. Bio film is produced from starch, and is 100% biodegradable. Instead of classic adhesive tape, use eco-friendly paper tape made of kraft paper, such tape is just as strong as foil, yet it is a natural, recyclable product. You can also use recycled plastic packaging. This solution is also extremely popular, as it reduces the amount of trash produced and fits perfectly into the zero-waste ideology.

If we have already packed our product in a carton, we need to fill the empty spaces between the item and the carton with something. Here, too, we should rely on eco-friendly fillers. First of all, we can use paper fillers, as well as those made of wood wool and those made of starch, All are fully biodegradable. You can also, instead of buying ready-made cardboard filler, use old newspapers, cut, printed, unneeded pieces of paper. Such an option is even greener, because it does not generate additional garbage, and the waste is reused.

Paper tape - how to use?

Guided by ecology, we must not forget about the safety of the shipment itself. The parcel should be as small as possible, and the empty spaces should be carefully filled. Delicate and fragile items can be additionally wrapped with corrugated cardboard, which is a great alternative to classic bubble wrap. Seal the package solidly with tape, necessarily ecological made of KRAFT paper. If there is no need for a cardboard box (for example, in the case of shipping textiles), you can use wrapping paper, preferably made from recycled paper, or bio foil. You also secure such a package with paper tape and be sure that it will safely reach the recipient.

However, it is not always possible to avoid plastic, such as when you pack goods that are sensitive to moisture. In such a situation, however, the best protection is foil. However, you can then use recycled foil-pack. Note that such a foil pack made of recycled plastic can also be seen as environmentally friendly.

There are companies that go much further, using a zero-waste method. They use recycled cardboard boxes for packaging, and cut cardboard, paper from the shredder, is used as filler. Packages packed this way may not look the most aesthetically pleasing, but for customers for whom ecology is important, it is more important that the package is fully biodegradable and does not contribute to the generation of more trash.

However, always, no matter what method of ecological packaging you decide on, paper tape is used to secure the shipment. Such tape is fully ecological, very durable, you can put your imprint on it. It arouses positive feelings in the customer.For companies that care about ecology, it is not a problem that this tape is slightly more expensive, because a carton taped with paper tape is fully recyclable, unlike cartons taped with plastic tape. We do not need to use dispensers to use them. Paper tapes are easy to tear off and at the same time are very durable once applied. It is worth placing your imprint on the paper tape, it will increase the company's recognition, while building its image as a pro-ecological company. An imprint made on such a tape makes the customer connect you with pro-environmental trends. Your company presents itself as attentive to details,professional, caring for the environment.

Printed paper tape should be the security of any ecologically packaged shipment. Of course, to secure such a shipment you can also use jute string, but printed paper tape will certainly secure the shipment much more thoroughly, because the tape is very durable and resistant to tearing. In addition, printed paper tape looks very elegant and gives such a character to the entire shipment.

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