Logo tape - 5 reasons why it can increase company sales

Logo tape as an element to increase sales in the company

As is well known, when running your own business - and regardless of the industry - it is crucial to take care of professional and attractive corporate image. The image of your brand is influenced even by seemingly less important elements, which, however, make up one larger whole - that is, the very perception of the company by customers and clients. This means that by taking care of an effective and consistent with the accepted line of promotion presentation of your brand image, you increase the chances that the customer will remember and associate it in a positive way. As a consequence of arousing this kind of feeling in him, the chances that this customer will return to the company increase.

Although company-printed tape gives the impression of just that small, seemingly less important element we mentioned above, it is it and its quality and characteristics that can greatly contribute to a brand's marketing factor. Packaging adhesive tapes with company logos or other types of printing are an excellent way to consolidate the image of your company in the eyes of the customer, and also affect the attractiveness of the parcel, often packed in a plain gray cardboard box. Colorful tape with your individual imprint will increase the aesthetic value of the package, and as we know, the customer begins to form an opinion about your brand already at the stage of unpacking . 

We can point to at least 5 reasons to invest in printed packaging tape, treated as an important promotional element.

1. practical significance

If you run, for example, an online store and prepare a significant number of packages for shipment on a daily basis, you surely know very well how important it is to quick and efficient packaging. It should also go hand in hand with adequate physical protection of the shipment itself. Ordinary adhesive packaging tapes from an untested manufacturer are often one of the cheapest components, with a number of consequences. The use of such packing tapes is less convenient, which strongly affects the lengthening of the packing process, and also the quality of the adhesive tape often leaves much to be desired.

Printed packaging tapes from a proven manufacturerwhich is Protape, are made in many variants, both in terms of the type of adhesive used and the film or paper they are made of. Depending on whether you are wrapping packages packed in cardboard or foil, you can use tapes printed on solvent or hotmelt adhesive. You will also find on sale tapes in the so-called silent unwinding option, which significantly increases the comfort of work.

The printed film can be made of classic PP film, thicker PVC film, and for those who care about the environment from such material as. KRAFT paper. Printing can also be done on polyester tape or cotton tape, but these tapes are not as practical as adhesive tapes. An alternative, if eco-friendliness is important to you, would be KRAFT paper tapes.

Printed tape comes in a variety of widthsso as to facilitate the best fit of the tape for each type of package. A good logo tape manufacturer offers such a wide range of products so that it is possible to choose the tape that best suits your needs, both in terms of adhesive and tape carrier. Customized matching the printed tape to your expectations and the business guarantees fast and accurate packing of packages without the risk that the tape will peel off or get damaged during transport. On the contrary, the shipment will reach the recipient intact and aesthetically packaged - with an immediately striking company imprint on the surface of the packing tape.

2. perfect security of shipmentsi

Customers of online stores expect goods to arrive intact and perfectly packaged as they were when they left the warehouse. In the case of custom-made printed tapes, it is their quality that affects this very element of packaging and shipping. Deciding on packing tape with the company's logo, produced by a proven manufacturer, you gain a guarantee of quality and durability of such materials.

It is frequently and readily used logo tape with hotmelt adhesive (This is an adhesive based on synthetic rubber). Its characteristics are high strength, as well as a very wide range of applications, on top of which it is also the most economical and versatile variant.

For more demanding shipments, it is worth noting the following Solvent adhesive based printed tapes. is a very strong adhesive based on natural rubber, durable and resistant to adverse external conditions such as low temperatures and high humidity.

When deciding on a printed tape, you also have the option of choosing its main structural element, the carrier. Usually this is PP film, for heavier packages, on the other hand, you can choose tapes printed on PVC film. For entrepreneurs who care about the environment, we recommend KRAFT ecological paper tapes (By using such tapes you send a clear signal to your customer that your company is pro-environment and goes with the times). By packing parcels with good quality printed tapes, you assure the recipient that you are committed to quality, care about details and the safety of shipments, which naturally instills confidence in your brand in your customers.

3. company-printed packaging tapes are a great marketing tool

Taking care of the image and brand recognition is extremely important for any entrepreneur, operating in any industry. Using printed tapes you strengthen the image of the company, doing it in a very discreet but effective way. Even a simple gray box taped with your company's printed tape will make your brand stick reflexively in the customer's memory. Thus, your the company will become more recognizable, and the customer, remembering you, will also be more likely to recommend the brand to other people. So by using printed tapes you take care of the image of your company, and you can also give the customer information about the company, adding to the printed logo at least contact information. 

Package secured with printed tape causes the customer to recognize the company as professional and responsible, which in turn reflects positively on the overall perception of the brand.

4. aesthetics

The customer is already forming an opinion about your company the moment he unpacks the package. A shipment packed carelessly and inaccurately will arouse rather negative feelings and leave the impression that the company has treated him and the order placed without proper respect.

This is where logo tape plays a big role in instilling customer confidence in your company.

The shipment, which was packaged carefully and protected very visually attractive printed tape will make the customer think they are dealing with a professional and responsible company, and your logo and company name printed on the tape will stick in the customer's memory in a non-intrusive way.

5. printing on the packing tape catches the customer's attention.

Printed packaging tape gives you many opportunities to draw attention to your company. In addition to your logo, you can put a surprising advertising slogan on the tape, or possibly a text addressed directly to the customer. This is simply a great marketing activity that ties the customer to your brand. As you can see, a logo tape can contribute a lot to a company's image.

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