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How to ensure the safety of international shipments: the role of packing tape.


In an era of globalization and increasing trade between countries, the security of international shipments is becoming a priority for courier and logistics companies, as well as companies exporting their products abroad. One of the key elements in ensuring the protection of shipments is packaging tape. In this article, we take a look at how properly selected packing tapes can enhance the security of transported goods.

1. Protection against unauthorized access

Printed packaging tapes, such as company logo tapes or special security tapes, make it difficult for unauthorized access to the contents of a shipment. The print can serve as an additional identification element that allows you to quickly verify that the package has not been opened during transport. VOID security tapes leave a clear mark when you try to remove them, which is an immediate signal to the recipient of possible tampering with the shipment.

2. Protection from damage

Durable packaging tapes, such as solvent adhesive or hotmelt tapes, provide strong and durable sealing of cartons. Their use minimizes the risk of accidental opening during loading, unloading or transportation, protecting the contents from mechanical damage.

3. Weather resistance

International shipments are often exposed to changing weather conditions. Packing tapes made of moisture-, temperature- or UV-resistant materials provide additional protection. Tapes on acrylic adhesive are especially recommended for shipments that may be exposed to prolonged sunlight or varying temperatures.

4. Support for logistics processes

Printed packing tapes can be used to mark shipments according to priority categories, types of goods or shipping directions. This facilitates the organization of work in warehouses and logistics centers, speeds up sorting and distribution processes, and reduces the risk of mistakes.

5. Building trust and brand image

The use of personalized packing tapes with a company logo or advertising slogan not only increases the security of shipments, but is also an effective marketing tool. Aesthetically packaged shipments, secured with company tape, build a positive brand image in the eyes of recipients.


The security of international shipments can be effectively increased by using properly selected packing tapes. Their selection should be dictated by the specifics of the goods being transported and the requirements for protection and security. Investment in high-quality packing tapes is not only a step towards ensuring the safety of shipments, but also an element of building a professional image of the company on the international market.

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