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Parcels - how to pack properly?

How to properly pack a package? This is a very important issue if our business requires sending many shipments, because it is crucial that the package reaches the recipient intact. Improper packaging of goods can have fatal consequences: the goods can get damaged, the customer will then return such an item, the package itself can go missing. Only a properly secured shipment will reach the addressee without problems.

The parcel we send often has a long route to travel, which is why it is so important to properly secure its contents, using the right packaging, possibly using fillers to further protect the contents of the parcel.

The variety of products being shipped is so great that there is no single way to pack shipments. We pack fragile and delicate items differently, and books or documents differently.

If you decide to pack the parcel in a classic box, remember first of all to properly size the box for the product sent. If the contents of the package are very fragile it is worth filling the empty spaces with fillers. This can be bubble wrap, air cushions and even old newspapers. The cardboard box should be thick and solid, this will reduce the risk of damage to the parcel.


Special care is required for packing fragile and easily damaged articles, such as glassware and porcelain. It is then necessary to approach to packaging particularly carefully. Each item should be additionally protected by wrapping it in bubble wrap or paper. The items should not come into contact with the cardboard box, and the free spaces should be carefully filled with any fillers. Every free space should be filled. It is also a good idea to put information about the fragile contents on the package. This can be a special label, but also we can use packing tape with printed information about the fragile contents of the package, for example, "caution, glass". In this way, the benefit is double: we secure the package with adhesive tape and at the same time inform about the fragile contents of the package.

Sealing all the edges of the carton is very important. For this, use a wide tape with a strong adhesive that matches the weight of the package. You need to choose a good quality tape, an inferior quality product will peel off and will not properly protect the parcel.

Electronic equipment should be in the original packaging, in addition to which additional protection, such as Styrofoam, can be used. Such a package is also good to protect it from moisture, using stretch film Or by putting the package in a foil pack.


When it comes to smaller and damage-resistant items, such as textiles or books, the ideal packaging seems to be foil pack. This is a foil envelope with an adhesive flap. It perfectly protects the shipment from moisture, dust, UV rays. Its significant advantage is the low price and the ease and speed of packaging. Thanks to the adhesive strip, the whole packing process is very efficient. In this case we save both time and money.

If we are afraid of moisture in the package, it is good to wrap it additionally with stretch film or put the carton in a foil pack, then we have a guarantee that moisture will not get into the contents of the package.

The label should be pasted in a conspicuous place, but not on the carton closure. The label should contain the details of the shipper and the recipient, his address along with a telephone number.

Package personalization

If you want a customer to remember your company, it's worth investing in personalized packaging in addition to a well-protected shipment. Printing can be applied to any packaging products: cardboard boxes, foil packs and even adhesive tape. Thanks to this, the shipment looks aesthetically pleasing, and your brand becomes fixed in the memory of the customer. This type of solution is offered by packaging manufacturer emGRAF, which, in addition to excellent quality products, also offers customized printing. The design is prepared free of charge, according to your guidelines. You then achieve a double benefit: you get excellent quality packaging, which is also a great marketing tool, thanks to which your brand becomes fixed in the customer's memory.

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