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Courier foil pack - what it is and how it can be used

Courier foil packs are a modern and extremely safe way of packing parcels and important documents. This method of packaging protects the parcel from dust moisture and also ensures the secrecy of correspondence. Thanks to courier foil packs we can send even important documents.

What does the foil pack look like?

Courier foil packet is simply an envelope, but made of thick, very durable foil with a thickness of 50 microns. It is a high-quality product. The film is completely opaque, usually two colors: white on the outside, black on the inside.

This guarantees the secrecy of correspondence, so the foil pack is perfect for sending important documents as well as for packing small lightweight items, for example, clothes, but also products such as books, food, cosmetics. Foliopaks have many uses, you can send corporate correspondence in them, as well as products from your own store.

What is the foil pack made of?

The foil from which courier foil packs are made is a very durable material. It is a multilayer LDPE film, made of polyethylene, is flexible and difficult to tear, which in itself provides excellent protection for the shipment. The film is waterproof, so it protects the shipment from moisture, as well as dust and other contaminants. The film is resistant to low temperatures and chemicals, as well as UV rays. This makes your shipment perfectly protected from adverse external conditions. The appropriate thickness of the film guarantees the safety of the parcel.

The adhesive strip used in courier foil packs is also an undeniable advantage, the adhesive is strong, perfectly adhering to the foil pack. It is impossible to tear it without leaving clear marks. Thus, no unwanted person can look into our shipment. This guarantees the complete security of your shipment. It also reduces the cost of packaging, as there is no need to use adhesive tape.

How to use the courier envelope?

Foil packs are also perfect for office use. They can be used to segregate documents, their advantage being that they take up very little space. They are also useful for internal company correspondence.

Courier foil packs also work well as an additional way to pack items, such as cardboard boxes, which are not resistant to adverse external conditions, especially moisture. Packing a carton in a waterproof foil pack is an excellent additional protection for the shipment.

A significant advantage of the courier foil pack is also the ease of packing. Thanks to the adhesive strip placed on the foilpack, packing is quick and efficient. In addition, foil packs are produced in many sizes, so you can easily choose the right one for our shipments. We can easily stick a waybill on the foilopak. Another advantage of courier foilpack is the low price in relation to quality, the level of protection of the parcel and the ease and speed of packaging. In summary, the use of foil packs saves both money (reduces shipping costs) and time spent on packing the shipment. In a cheap, easy and fast way we perfectly protect the consignment from any adverse external factors. In addition, foilpack is a product that takes up little space in storage.

On the courier foil package we can also put your own logo and any text,it can be an advertising slogan or contact information. This is an excellent way to advertise your company, It is discreet, but extremely effective. Your brand involuntarily fixes itself in the customer's memory in this way, which increases the chances that the customer will return to you. Courier foil pack custom printed looks very attractive, which is of great importance to the customer, in this way you tie the customer to you. Thus, the printed courier foil package will serve a dual function: absolutely safe packaging and an excellent advertising medium.

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