foil packs vs. printed packing tape

Printed tape vs. printed foil pack - differences and similarities

In today's e-commerce world, every detail of packaging can affect brand image and customer experience. Printed tapes and printed foil packs are two popular solutions that companies use to personalize their shipments. Both forms have their specific uses, advantages and limitations. Let's learn more about the differences and similarities between printed packing tapes and printed courier foil packs.


Marketing and branding

Both printed tapes and printed foil packs are effective marketing tools that help build brand awareness. With the ability to include a company logo, advertising slogan, or other graphic elements, both increase brand recognition among the public.


Both options offer a high level of personalization. They allow you to align the external appearance of your shipments with your brand's vision and values, which can positively influence customer perception and set your company apart from the competition.


Material and durability

Packing tapes are usually made of strong material such as polypropylene or PVC, which provides strength and tear resistance. Printed courier foil packs are made from various types of plastic film, which are also durable, but are mainly used to protect the contents from damage, moisture or dirt.


Printed tapes are mainly used to protect parcels and cartons, they provide an additional layer of protection. Printed courier foil packs act as the main packaging, they are ideal for light or medium-heavy items that require protection from the elements during transport.


In general, printed packing tape can be more costly to produce than standard packing tape, but it is usually less expensive than printed foil packets, which are larger and made of thicker materials.

Ecological aspects

Although both strapping and foil packs can be produced in a more environmentally friendly version, their ecological impact varies depending on the materials used and recyclability. Foil packs are more likely to be made of recyclable materials.


The choice between printed tape and printed foil packaging should be dictated by the specific needs of the company and the type of products being shipped. Both options offer excellent branding opportunities and can significantly affect customers' perception of the brand. However, it is worth keeping in mind the differences in cost, application and environmental impact to choose the most optimal solution for your business.

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