Safety and standards for packaging tapes

Safety and standards for packaging tapes

Workplace safety and compliance with standards are key aspects that every company should consider when choosing consumables such as packaging tape. Ensuring that packaging tapes meet certain standards, not only protects the health of workers, but also ensures that shipments reach their destination intact. Here is an overview of the main standards and safety issues related to packaging tapes that every business should know.

1. Quality standards for packaging tapes

Many countries and international organizations have established standards for the production and performance of packaging tapes. These standards specify what strength tests the tapes must pass before they reach the market. For example:

  • EN 60454 - European standard that specifies requirements for insulating tapes used in electricity, which also applies to certain aspects of packaging tapes.
  • ASTM D1974/D1974M - An American standard that specifies procedures for packing and securing cargo using adhesive tapes.

2. Safety of materials

The materials used for packaging tapes should be safe for both users and the environment. Many companies opt for tapes with environmental certifications, such as:

  • RoHS - EU directive restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronics and electrical manufacturing, which also applies to certain packaging tape components.
  • REACH - EU regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals, which also applies to substances used in the production of tapes.

3. Endurance tests

To ensure that packaging tapes meet the requirements of commercial users, they are subjected to a variety of durability tests, such as:

  • Glue holding test - Measures the force with which the tape adheres to various surfaces.
  • Tensile strength test - determines the maximum load that the tape can withstand before breaking.

4. Recommendations for employers and employees

Companies should provide training in the proper use of packaging tapes, ensuring that employees know how to use them safely and effectively. This training should include techniques for properly applying the tapes to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimize the risk of damage to both loads and workers' health.


Knowledge of packaging tape standards and regulations is essential for any company that wants to ensure the safety of its employees and logistical efficiency. Choosing tapes that meet these standards is not only a matter of legal compliance, but also part of building trust among customers and business partners. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worthwhile to carefully analyze the available options and choose those products that best meet the needs and standards of the company.

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