Don't make this mistake when shipping packages

Don't make this mistake when shipping packages

Shipping packages is a daily activity for many companies, especially those in e-commerce. However, one major mistake can significantly affect customer satisfaction and the company's reputation. What is being referred to? Improperly securing packages with packing tape! Let's take a look at why this is so important and how to avoid this common mistake.

Why is it crucial to properly secure packages?

1. Content security

Parcels that are not properly secured are vulnerable to damage during transit. Packaging tape plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of the package, preventing it from opening during shipment.

2. Corporate image

Aesthetically and professionally packing a package affects customers' perception of a company. Sloppy packaging can suggest a lack of attention to detail and discourage future purchases.

3. Protection against theft

Well-secured packages are more difficult to open without noticeable signs of tampering, reducing the risk of the contents being stolen.

Most common mistake: Improper use of packing tape

1. using the wrong tape

Not all packaging tape is the same. Choosing a low-quality tape or one that is inappropriate for the weight and type of shipment can lead to rupture or peeling.


Invest in high quality packaging tapes suitable for your needs. For light parcels, choose polypropylene tapes, and for heavier parcels - polyester or reinforced tapes.

2. insufficient tape

A common mistake is to use too little tape. One or two passes of tape may not be enough to solidly secure a package.


Use the "H" method for securing packages, which includes applying tape along all seams and edges of the box. This provides additional protection and stability to the package.

3. poor application technique

Uneven or too loose application of the tape can lead to its detachment during transportation.


Use packing tape applicators to help apply the tape evenly and firmly. Remember to press the tape well against the surface of the box to ensure maximum adhesion.

4. ignoring storage conditions

Storing packaging tapes in inappropriate conditions, such as high temperatures or humidity, can reduce their effectiveness.


Store packaging tapes in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve their adhesive properties.


Properly securing parcels with packing tape is key to the safe and professional transportation of shipments. By avoiding the most common mistakes, such as using the wrong tape, using too little tape or poor application technique, you can ensure that your packages reach your customers intact. Remember that well-secured shipments are not only about protecting the contents, but also about building a positive image for your company.

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