Printed tapes - ways to package properly

Printed tapes - ways to package properly.

Printed packaging tapes are an excellent way to stand out in the market and build brand recognition. They not only offer practical protection for shipments, but also perform a marketing function, conveying information about the company, its logo, advertising slogan or other important messages. However, in order for printed tapes to do their job, they need to be used correctly. Here are some tips for proper packaging using printed tapes.

1. Choosing the right printed tape

Tape type

Choosing the right type of tape is crucial. Tapes can be made of different materials, such as polypropylene, polyester or PVC. Each has its own specific properties and applications. Polypropylene tapes are most commonly used because of their strength and flexibility.


The type of adhesive used in the tape also matters. For packaging, you can use tapes with acrylic, rubber or hot-melt. Rubber adhesives are stickier and perform better at low temperatures, while acrylic adhesives are resistant to UV radiation and aging.

2. Proper tape application

Surface preparation

For the tape to adhere well, the cardboard surface must be clean and dry. Before applying the tape, make sure to remove all dirt, dust and moisture.

Application technique

The tape should be applied evenly, without wrinkles or air bubbles. It is advisable to use the "H" technique, that is, to secure all the edges and joints of the carton in the shape of the letter "H". This provides the best protection for the shipment.

Use of applicators

Tape applicators can greatly simplify the packaging process by ensuring that the tape is tensioned evenly and adheres precisely. They can also speed up work and reduce the risk of errors.

3. Use of printing in marketing strategy


Printing on tapes can contain your company logo, name, advertising slogan or other graphic elements. Thus, each shipment becomes a mobile advertisement of your company, increasing its recognition and building a professional image.

Communication with the customer

In addition to branding elements, additional information such as package opening instructions, warnings or promotional codes can be placed on the tape. This is an excellent way to communicate with customers at no additional cost.

4. Advantages of printed tapes

Professional look

Printed tapes give shipments a professional look, which can increase customers' confidence in the company.

Protection against theft

Personalized tapes can also act as an additional security measure against theft, as they are more difficult to counterfeit or reuse without leaving traces.

Ecological aspect

By choosing printed tapes made of eco-friendly materials, a company can also emphasize its commitment to the environment, which is increasingly valued by customers.


Printed packaging tapes are not only a tool for securing shipments, but also a powerful marketing tool. To realize their full potential, it is important to apply them correctly and integrate them into the company's overall branding strategy. The right choice of tape, application technique and creative approach to printing can significantly increase the value of shipments and contribute to building a strong brand.

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