branding in packaging

What is branding?


Branding is not only about creating brand awareness, but also about differentiating and strengthening the brand in the market. W Protape We understand how important it is for your brand to be recognized and valued by customers.

Brand Strategy:

To successfully differentiate yourself from the competition, developing a brand strategy is key. At Protape, we can help you analyze your competition, determine your audience and establish values that will resonate with your customers.

Visual Elements:

A brand name, slogan and logotype are the foundations of effective branding. At Protape, we offer professional advice on designing logos and slogans that will reflect the character of your company and appeal to your customers.

Color and Typography:

The color scheme and typography in a logo play a key role in branding. At Protape, we make sure that each element is carefully crafted, positively influencing customers' perception of your brand.

Visual Identity:

A consistent visual identity is essential for effective branding. At Protape, we ensure that your logo and color scheme are consistently used on all advertising materials, including packaging, which increases recognition and influences brand perception.


Your website is more than just a website - it's a key part of your branding. At Protape, we help you create websites that are consistent with your company's overall visual strategy and reflect its mission.


Building a strong brand is a long-term process that requires consistency and coherence. At Protape, we are your partner in this journey, offering comprehensive branding and packaging solutions.

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