how to pack shoes for shipping

How to pack shoes for shipping

How to properly pack shoes for shipmentSo that they do not get damaged during delivery? This is an important issue if you run an online shoe store. First of all, the package should be perfectly protected so that it reaches the customer intact, but also packed aesthetically. The customer's first impression when they receive a package from you is extremely important for your future relationship. The aesthetics of the packaging have a big impact on how the customer will perceive your company.

The product should not be allowed to reach the customer in poor condition, in a torn, soaked cardboard box, dirty or damaged. To avoid such a situation, it is crucial to know how to pack shoes for shipment.

Like pack shoes for shipment?

First of all, protect any ornaments, such as buckles and beads, by wrapping them in foil or paper. It's also a good idea to put tightly compacted paper inside, so that the shoes won't deform during transport. Wrap the shoes in bubble wrap or put them in a plastic bag, which will protect them from moisture. This is very important for shoes made of delicate materials (such as suede).

If we send the shoes in their original packaging for packing we only need a foil pack or stretch film.

Stretch film Is a simple but reliable protection of the shipment. It is enough to wrap the carton with it, so the shipment will not get wet and dirty during transport, so it is perfectly protected. The foil does not leave traces on the carton, so after removing it, the customer will see the company's carton with properly packed shoes, which will certainly affect his aesthetic feelings.

Another solution is packing the shoes in the original carton And placing the package in the foilopak. Foliopak is made of very durable LDPE film, has a glue strip, making packing extremely easy and the whole process goes very quickly. Foliopak is a very durable product, it protects the parcel perfectly from moisture and dust.

An additional advantage of the foil pack is that you can put any imprint on it: it can be your store's logo, contact information or advertising slogan. Customized graphics placed on a foil pack are sure to make a positive impression on customers, cementing your brand image in their memory. This, in turn, increases the chances that he will choose your company again in the future.

What if you need to send the shoes in a different carton than the original?

First of all, you need to choose the right cardboard box. It must match the size of the shoes, the shoes should fit in it freely, but at the same time there should not be too much free space in the box. In this case, it is best to opt for a durable cut cardboard box. In addition, consider the use of fillers that will secure the shoes so that they do not move during transport, this function will be perfectly fulfilled by bubble wrap, air cushions and even crumpled paper. You can also opt for eco-friendly fillers, such as wood wool or biodegradable fillers.

A cut cardboard box can also be a great advertising medium if you opt for a printed variant. A cardboard box with your logo on it always looks very aesthetically pleasing, and your brand becomes fixed in the customer's memory.

Secure the boxed carton additionally like the original carton: with stretch film or foil-pack.

If you care about your company's image, the ideal solution seems to be packing of footwear in a printed cardboard box and securing it foliopak With the same graphics. You are then also assured that the shipment will arrive intact.

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