Can printed packing tape be used all year round

Can printed packing tape be used all year round?

Printed packaging tapes are a popular tool not only for securing shipments, but also for brand promotion. However, many people wonder whether these tapes are suitable for year-round use, regardless of weather conditions and seasonal temperature fluctuations. Here are some key aspects to consider when considering year-round use of printed packaging tapes.

1. Weather resistance


One of the most important factors affecting the durability of packaging tape is temperature. Adhesive tapes can vary in their ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Standard packaging tapes can lose their adhesive properties at extremely low or high temperatures. It is therefore worth paying attention to the technical specifications of the tape and choosing those that are designed for a wide range of temperatures.


Humidity in the air can also affect the effectiveness of packaging tape. Printed packaging tapes made of high-quality materials should be moisture-resistant. Otherwise, they can peel off or lose their adhesive properties, which can lead to damage to shipments.

2. Quality and type of glue

Acrylic glue

Printed tapes with acrylic adhesive are known for their good resistance to weather conditions, including changes in temperature and humidity. They are suitable for long-term storage and transportation in various climatic conditions.

Rubber glue

Rubber adhesive is characterized by high adhesion and flexibility, making tapes with such adhesive ideal for heavy loads and demanding applications. However, they may be less resistant to very low temperatures compared to acrylic adhesive.

3. Durability of printing

Resistance to abrasion and fading

An important consideration when choosing printed packaging tape is the durability of the print itself. The print should be resistant to abrasion and fading, so that the logo or information on the tape is visible throughout its use, regardless of external conditions.

Printing technology

The printing technology used to create a ribbon print is important for its durability. Flexographic printing and screen printing are popular methods that ensure high quality and durability of the print.

4. Seasonal and specific use

Seasonal promotions

Printed packaging tapes can also be used seasonally, for example to promote holiday sales or seasonal marketing campaigns. In such cases, the printing may include seasonal themes and be used only at certain times of the year.

Specific industry needs

Some industries may require specific properties of printed packaging tape, such as resistance to chemicals, oils or UV radiation. Tapes that meet these requirements can be used year-round, ensuring safe and effective packaging.


Printed packaging tapes can be used all year round, provided that they are properly selected for the weather conditions and the specific needs of the user. Choosing a tape with a high-quality adhesive, resistant printing and appropriate physical properties will ensure that these tapes will perform their function effectively regardless of the season. With proper attention to the choice of materials and printing technology, printed packaging tapes can become a reliable tool in daily logistics and brand promotion.

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