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E-commerce Packaging: How They Strengthen Your Brand

E-commerce Packaging: Why Courier Foils Are Key

If you run an online retail business, you are well aware of the importance of e-commerce packaging. Secure and aesthetically pleasing packaging of goods for shipment is crucial, especially for webshop, where you prepare scores of packages for shipment every day. Optimizing your working time, i.e. packing quickly and efficiently, is equally important. That's why you're sure to use solutions such as foil packs.

What is a foil pack?

Foliopak is a foil envelope with a flap, on which a strip with glue is placed. Its design makes the process of packaging go in a flash: you place the goods in the envelope, seal it and you're done! At the same time, the foil pack guarantees full security of the shipment. Since foil packs are made of thick and durable film, the goods are protected from dust, dirt and, most importantly, from moisture and UV rays. The adhesive strip guarantees the discretion of the parcel, you are sure that no unauthorized person will look into it.

Foil pack in the role of e-commerce packaging

Virtually all non-breakable items, for example, clothes, books, documents, can be packed in a foil pack. Foilopak is also often used as additional protection for goods packed in cardboard, which is especially important in the e-commerce industry. Top manufacturers such as emGRAF offer foil packs in many sizes and different film thicknesses so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Foliopak as a marketing tool

Foliopak is not only excellent packaging, but can also be a great marketing tool. You can put your custom imprint on it, such as a logo, a catchy advertising slogan or contact information. This solution is slightly more expensive, but the benefits for your brand and your company's advertising reach are invaluable.


Investing in printed foil wraps brings huge benefits to any e-commerce company. It builds trust in your brand, consolidates its image in the eyes of the customer, improves recognition. The customer will remember your company and return to you for future purchases.

Make sure you get good foil packs from a proven company.

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