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Printed tapes - The perfect solution for your business

Printed tapes are a key part of differentiating your company in the marketplace. At Protape, we offer a wide selection of printed tapes to perfectly fit your individual needs.

Manufacturer of printed tapes - Protape

As a manufacturer of printed tapes, we not only provide standard versions, but also offer the possibility of personalizing tapes. Our printed tapes are ideal for online stores, wholesalers, warehouses, offices and logistics companies. Thanks to their wide application, you can put all the necessary information on them, such as:

Company Logo

Printed tapes with company logos help to quickly identify shipments and increase your brand recognition.

Custom Imprint

You can put an advertising slogan, web address, seasonal greetings or any other text. Printed ribbons are ideal for marketing purposes.

Finished Imprint

Standard prints can suggest the contents of the package, promotions, or include commemorative graphics.

Warning Prints

Printed tapes such as "Caution Glass!" or "Mountain" increase the safety of shipments during transport.

VOID Sealing Tapes

Ideal for securing valuable shipments from unauthorized opening.

Match Adhesive Type to Application

At Protape, we offer printed tapes with different types of adhesive, such as:

Hotmelt adhesive tape is a high-performance packaging solution that combines reliability and durability, essential for everyday shipment security. The hotmelt adhesive, based on synthetic rubber, provides strong and durable adhesion to a variety of surfaces, from cartons to films. It is characterized by fast setting, which significantly speeds up the packaging process.

Solvent adhesive tape is the choice of professionals looking for the highest quality solution for securing shipments. Solvent and natural rubber-based solvent adhesive provides unparalleled adhesion and durability, even in the most demanding conditions.

Tape on solvent PVC adhesive is a top quality product, designed for applications where exceptional adhesive strength and resistance to harsh conditions are required. This tape, made of high-quality PVC material, is coated with solvent-based adhesive, which ensures its excellent performance.

PP acrylic adhesive tape is a versatile and reliable packaging product that combines the strength of polypropylene film with a strong acrylic adhesive. It is economical and environmentally friendly, ideal for applications in a variety of industries, from logistics to retail.